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This Page is a list of current threats or raider regions that may be a threat to the New West Indies. This is in case our founder were to cease to exist and the region becomes founderless, founders are able to kick out any raiders or anyone who tries to become a WA Delegate of this region and try to take control of the region. If the region is to become founderless then we must endorse a trustworthy WA Delegate to protect the New West Indies from any threats.


This is a reference to understand what raider region is a threat and what is under our watchlist.

     Threat  = Raider Region is actively posing or plotting to threaten NWI
     Watchlist  = Raider Regions that may not pose a threat to NWI but have attacked our allies or have been actively raiding founderless regions.
     Passive  = Raider Region doesn't pose a threat and focuses on other targets.

List of Raider Regions

Status Raider Regions




The Black Hawks

Lone Wolves United

The Invaders

Rogue Wolves