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Home Press Corps Recruitment

Welcome to the homepage of the New West Indies' Executive Recruitment. Recruitment consists in attracting new nations to the New West Indies, and is extremely important to introduce more people to our fun, expand our opportunities, limit burnout risks and open minds. The main way of recruiting consists of sending recruitment telegrams. The Office of the Secretary-General emits those telegrams to the newest founded nations in the Pacific feeders.

Historically, the New West Indies stays away from poaching: the recruitment strategy that consists in telegramming older already established nations who have already chosen a place of residence. The New West Indies also stays away from RMB Recruitment, World Assembly Recruitment, or Recruiting veteran inhabitants of the Pacific Regions.

For less political and more practical reasons, the New West Indies generally does not recruit returning nations from sinkers; the success rate of such telegrams tend to be much lower than when they are addressed to new nations.


How many telegrams this administration has been issuing

Since its inauguration on July 1st 2021, the Office of the Secretary-General has issued 15,114 telegrams.

Success Rate

How good were the telegrams at recruiting people?

Success rate (aka conversion rate) measures how many individuals telegrams sway. The measure is not perfect, as it does not account for creation of puppets to join a region, or joining the region at a later date. It is nevertheless an adequate barometer of telegram success, albeit a volatile one. In general, a rate of about 0.5% denotes a functional telegram. This administration has seen rates between 0 at lowest and 0.24% at highest.


How many nations reside in the New West Indies

This indicator shows both the efficiency of recruitment and retention. However, this does not account for the fact some nations are puppets. The region currently has 86 nations.