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Welcome to the New West Indies!

If you’re new to our region and want access to citizenship, copy the code below and complete every question, post it as a dispatch titled "Citizenship Application," and send the link to the dispatch to NWIgov. We will review your application and reply to you accordingly as soon as possible. Only one nation per player may acquire citizenship.

By submitting this application, you understand that you will be subject to disciplinary action if you are found to have falsified any information in this application, violated regional laws or committed treason against the New West Indies and its members.

Name of Nation:

Do you have any other nations? (If so, name all that haven't ceased to exist):

Which region were you in prior to this one?:

Are you in trouble with any other region?:

Do you owe your previous region any commitments?:

What can you offer the New West Indies?:

What do you expect from the New West Indies?:

Once you have been approved for citizenship, you may apply to participate in our roleplay.